How to manually fire torpedoes in star trek

Nov 04, · Note, 1 ship fires from ~ 300, 000 kilometers, and hits the Phoenix, but the Phoenix is then positioned ' outside their weapons range' and fires back from there. How to manually fire torpedoes in star trek. The Galaxy- class starship launchers can fire up to 10 torpedoes simultaneously from a single launchtube. Normally a torpedo was equipped with a warhead, and the explosive yield of this warhead could vary depending on the type of torpedo.

118 diagram, 129, 130) According to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, the 24th century photon and quantum torpedoes can launch without a large launcher assembly. Mar 20, · Star Trek The Original Series Photon Torpedo Sound Effect. Apr 30, · Torpedoes can only fire if the target is in their 90 degree firing arc.
There is at least one torpedo with a. Forward arc of fore mounted, rear arc if mounted aft. Torpedo launchers brought the weapon into the launch tube and allowed fire control from the ship' s bridge, although a torpedo could be launched manually.