Shark steam mop s3501 repair manual

Discussion is closed. Never leave the steam mop in one spot on any surface for any period of time with a damp or wet micro- fiber cleaning pocket attached as this will damage your floors. To download the Owner’ s Guide for your mop, refer to the label on the back of your mop for the model number and then select the correct manual below. Proper Way to Use a Shark Steam Cleaner | Home Floor Experts.

WARNING: Your steam mop is designed to clean hard floor surfaces that will. Discussion for the Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop. 29 Always unplug and allow the steam mop to cool before removing or changing mop heads. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS For Household Use Only WHEN USING YOUR SHARK STEAM MOP, BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SHOULD ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING YOUR STEAM MOP. I took a few minutes today and.
Shark carpet cleaner user manual. This video shows the step by step process that I used to clean the heater core of the Shark Steam Mop Model S3501. To ask our experts. Shark steam mop s3501 repair manual. We Sell Only Genuine Shark ® Parts.

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop Parts: Washable Deep Cleaning Pocket No Longer Available [ More Info ] Part Number:. Shark ® Professional Series Steam Pocket ® Mops provide powerful steam cleaning for your entire house. How to repair an X5 H2O. Shark S3501 Owner' s Manual. Repair Parts Home Vacuum Parts Shark Parts Shark Steam Mop Parts Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop Parts. Dec 30, · Shark Steam Mop Repair - DIY Heater Core Cleaning.

Jan 05, · After posting the video on how to repair a broken handle on my Shark Steam Mop, a few people asked how to take the unit apart and how to replace the tube that split.